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Shamanic Healing Classes in Vancouver BC

Shamanic Healing Class - 2 Day Shamanic Journeying Class

Have you ever wished you could gain a deeper perspective on your life challenges and have guidance and healing available whenever you need it?

Ancient Shamanic Practices for Modern Times

For thousands of years, shamans around the world have journeyed to other levels of reality using rattles and special crystals/gemstones. They would traverse into the hidden realms to gain access to information that may seem quite extraordinary about how to treat and prevent disease, avoid negative situations, clear family issues, plan for our future, and more. You do not have to be a working shaman to access this information as it is your birth right to humbly apply this wonderful practice in your daily life.

Learn Skills to Enhance Well-being &  Illuminate New Possibilities

The goal of this workshop is to use the skills and wide scope of shamanic journeying to help you cultivate a rich inner world that has unlimited resources. This enhanced inner landscape will help you embrace new possibilities with confidence, joy, empowerment and gratitude for life. You’ll begin or continue to truly walk the path of Spirit and not be tied to the limitations of your ego. Instead you will move towards what gives you true meaning. As you grow the skills of shamanic journeying over time, you will experience enhanced well-being emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. You will also receive a special shamanic journeying crystal that will be yours to take home. There is a lot of personal journey exercises and partner journey work in this workshop. This class is the pre-requisite to take the Shamanic Practitioner Training Program.

Based on the Teachings of Sandra Ingerman

This class for Shamanic Journeying is based on my teacher, Sandra Ingerman’s work and it is geared for beginner and experienced students alike.

What’s Included?

The Shamanic Journeying 2-Day Class includes the following:

  • Intro to shamanism
  • illness from a shamanic perspective
  • how to open sacred space for shamanic journey work
  • how to create a shamanic altar to focus intention for healing and sacred ceremony 
  • how shamans journey – the use of rattles and crystals to access a shamanic state of consciousness and other levels of reality
  • cosmology of the hidden realms: Upper World and Lower World
  • how to access shamanic states of consciousness to journey into the hidden realms of the Upper World and Lower World to meet your compassionate helping spirit 
  • how to journey to connect and retrieve your special power animal
  • how to perform a power animal retrieval for another person to restore a state of well-being
  • how to journey to connect and gain insight from your helping spirit and to receive personal healing
  • how to do divination journeys for other people
  • how to read and decipher omens as a way to access special wisdom pertaining to life issues
  • participation in an ancient fire divination ceremony
  • how to weave shamanic practice into your daily life to enrich your life’s experiences
  • a special shamanic journeying crystal

Once you complete the class, you will have special access to monthly shamanic student journey gatherings where you can come together with the teacher Christa Lynn and other shamanic students to practice your journeying skills and deepen your practice of shamanism. There will be a different theme and area of focus for each gathering. These monthly gatherings will facilitate personal development and healing and will bring positive, healing energy to community and global issues. 

What to bring?

Bring the following to the Shamanic Journeying 2-Day Class:

  • Your curiosity and imagination
  • A bandana or some eye cover
  • A rattle if you have one
  • A notebook and pen to record your journeys
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Bring a pillow for your comfort
  • Small, special items that you want to bless on our altar


Class Testimonials

“Christa is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and personable. She creates an atmosphere of trust and sharing in the class.”

“I highly recommend Christa’s programs. She is very professional and knowledgable. Her classes are truly amazing and I’ve learned many valuable techniques.”

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