BodyTalk Healing Session in Vancouver BC

BodyTalk Healing Sessions in vancouver bc

The BodyTalk System™ is a healing modality that allows the energy systems of the body to be synchronized so that the body can function as it is meant to. No diagnosis is given nor medications prescribed. It is non-invasive, no contraindications to its use and is totally safe.

In our everyday world, our innate ability to heal our bodies has been compromised due to environmental factors, nutritional deficiencies, emotional trauma, stress, injury and/or disease. The role of the BodyTalk Practitioner is to assist the body's innate wisdom in order to orchestrate and reestablish proper communication within the body so that the body is able to restore health. To learn how to get the most from your healing session with Christa, visit the Session FAQ page. For more info about BodyTalk, visit Christa's The BodyTalk Clinic website.