1. Be on time for your appointment. If you are late for the session, then it reduces the amount of time needed to do a full healing session. So, to maximize healing benefit, be on time for your appointment.
  2. Time. Allow enough time to get to the session so that you are not in a rushed or frantic state. Best to arrive to the session in a calm and relaxed manner so that you can settle into the session with a clear mind which allows you to focus on the healing you are about to receive instead of your mind racing with thoughts about work, school, family or other concerns. When in a relaxed state, the body can then go into the rest and repair modes of healing.
  3. Come with an open mind and be open to receive the healing. When you are in a receptive state and not attached to specific outcomes, you open yourself up to positive new energy to create healing shifts in wonderful ways you never thought possible. 
  4. Know that every person’s experience will be different. Some people will notice a dramatic shift soon after a session. Whereas, other people may notice a series of gradual shifts over a longer period of time as the healing unfolds. How you heal is unique to you. Honour and celebrate your personal process and progress of healing and the time it takes for you to come back into balance. 
  5. Wear comfortable clothes. This will help you to relax. Tight clothing can create physical tension on the body making it harder to relax and settle into the session.
  6. Consider abstaining from alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before your session and for a few days after the session. These substances are hard for the body to precess and can put stress on the body, mind and spirit which can slow down the healing process and affect the healing results of the session.
  7. Allow enough time for sleep and rest after your appointment. After the session, the body can enter into relaxation mode. So allowing more time for rest, and going to sleep earlier on the night of the session, can help the body to shift into a mode where deeper healing, cellular repair and rejuvenation can take place.
  8. Stay well hydrated. Drinking an adequate amount of water in the days following the session, can help to ground you and can help the body to flush out toxins - including physical, emotional and mental toxins as your vibration shifts into a brighter, more positive and vibrant state.
  9. Look at healing from a holistic perspective. Is there something out of balance in your life that you need to take action about to create a healthy change? When things are out of balance in our lives, it can create stress and make us sick. So, oftentimes, healthy changes need to be made regarding lifestyle factors, diet, exercise programs, the home environment, relationship dynamics and work habits..etc to also support the healing process. If something is out of balance in your life and causing you stress or illness, then consider making a healthy change which can have a positive affect on your overall well-being. Remember, you have the power to create positive change and restore balance and health to your life.
  10. Create a solid commitment for healing. It’s very important to be committed to working on your health and well being everyday. We often live busy lives and don’t take time for self care. Make time for your healing and take responsibility for your health to do the work it takes to heal. This can include booking healing sessions as well as follow up sessions, getting medical check ups making healthy lifestyle changes, meditation, exercise and a daily routine of self care so that you can return to a state of wellness.
  11. Book regular follow up healing sessions with Christa to optimize health. Be consistent with booking follow up sessions when they are recommended because more than one session is often needed to create long lasting healing results. When you book a series of healing sessions, then it gives you more opportunity to strengthen, come back into balance and heal which can be the key to successful healing.